Hey June!

May was Mental Health Awareness month, but just because it’s now June doesn’t mean that mental health issues go away. Current research indicates that approximately 20% of teens are impacted by a mental health issue in some way.  In my experience, students who request mentors at school frequently relate concerns about experiencing depression and anxiety themselves or are impacted by mental health issues of a parent or close family member.
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Buy Local – The Business Case for Mentoring

We all love our communities and value supporting those things that continue to make our communities what they are.  Being able to walk down a main street and stop in at the florist shop run by your neighbor, the 3rd generation paint store, or the hardware store you worked at as a kid, is an experience that helps shape our sense of community.  By buying from these businesses we are helping to create jobs, promote economic stability, keep our money in our communities, and keep the American Dream alive. Continue reading

Hope Rising – Diana

When I first met Diana, she was in the office at the school where I worked for punching a girl in the cafeteria.  She was furious, clenching her fists and fuming as she waited to talk to our principal and find out her fate.  Of course she was letting us all know in a very loud voice that whatever happened most certainly was not her fault!  After that, I began to notice her at school quite a bit; mostly because she was a frequent flyer in the office –always embroiled in some sort of issue, conflict, or drama–usually involving improper use of her fists—or of her mouth. Continue reading

Announcing – Marketplace Mentoring

Did you know that there are approximately 3 million jobs that are going unfilled in America today?  The most vocal and perhaps recognizable voice in the discussion is Mike Rowe (1) who recently testified to Congress regarding the “skills gap” in our education system. Mike highlights the fact that “too many” people are going to college and not enough are learning the trades that keep our roads paved, the lights on, and the water flowing.  There has been a growing perception among our youth that trade jobs are demeaning, low paying, and a dead end.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.   Here is a clip from “Tucker Carlson Tonight” that is well worth a watch.

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Mentoring = Academic Results

In looking at our LHS students with mentors, we found that 72% of them performed well academically or showed significant gains this past semester.  Lisa Reynolds, our coordinator, reported that “several students have continued earning good grades, and others brought up grades significantly from failing mid-term marks.” Two students brought their GPA’s up a full point and many students  crossed the 3.0 threshold. Statistics show that mentoring helps students excel academically and we are certainly seeing that hold true!

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